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Searching for a meeting room in Trento?

Discover Aries Workspace

The only real Business Center in Trentino

Founded in 2009, Aries Workspace has grown to physically host nearly 40 entrepreneurial entities, as well as several companies domiciled at its address on Via Praga 5 in Trento. Including its main headquarters and the detached location on Via Linz, Aries provides its clients with a total surface area of almost 3000 square meters for offices, warehouses, meeting and training rooms, dining and relaxation areas, restrooms, and even a small gym.
All of our offices are furnished and immediately available, complete with heating, air conditioning, internet connection, restrooms, parking, and much more. Here, it is possible to rent spaces for a few hours or longer periods, taking advantage of professional environments and reception and secretarial services.

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In our meeting rooms in Trento you can...

We have meeting rooms from 8 to 12 seats and a conference room with 25 seats!

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Our offices are open from 8.15am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

8-seat Meeting Room

    €20.00 per hour
    € 70.00 half day
    €130.00 full day

*Prices excluding VAT

12-seat Meeting Room

    €25.00 per hour
    € 80.00 half day
    € 140.00 full day

*Prices excluding VAT

25-seat Meeting Room

    €35.00 per hour
    €140.00 half day
    € 250.00 full day

*Prices excluding VAT

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Do not hesitate to contact us: you can request a quote, book one of our services or simply receive further information on any other aspect of our business centre.